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With your donation, we can provide 100,000 meals for the homeless in Brazil, while generating income for families in need.

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Brazil is facing the most delicate moment of the Covid 19 pandemic right now. While 8 out of 10 families living in slums depend on donations for basic needs, giving numbers have fallen drastically. 

And how can we help?


In 2020, Eats For You launched a campaign in partnership with the renowned NGO REDE RUA to distribute food to people in extreme vulnerability. And the impact was twice as much, as the meals were prepared by families in need of higher income generation. 

As the pandemic worsens, the homeless population increases dangerously.  Facing this humanitarian challenge, Eats for You relaunches the #HungerCantWaitBR, campaign with the goal of donating 100 thousand meals to those in need.

With your support, we can help change this scenario!



Rede Rua is an NGO that has been operating since 1991. Its mission is to contribute to the construction of a network of relationships, with the aim of promoting the recovery of the rights to a dignified life for the homeless population.

Registration Certificate SMADS (Municipal Secretariat of Assistance and Social Development) nº 16,175